Lains Barn Wedding

Lains Barn Wedding

Clare & Pauls Tip Top Lains Barn Wedding.

I’m not sure where to start with Clare and Paul’s Lains Barn wedding.. I first met Clare and Paul last year when I shot Holly, Clare’s sisters wedding over in Oxford and one of the main things that sticks in my mind from back then, aside from how awesome Holly and Sammi’s (her new husband) wedding was to shoot, was that their families were so much fun to be around, and seeing so many of them again this time around it really did feel like I was shooting amongst a group of friends.

The morning started with all the girls getting ready together at Mums house with the lovely Claire Powell on make up duties, while the boys got ready together at their hotel (no make up needed there though..) before heading onto St Mary’s Church in Thame to make the marriage official. We then headed over to the awesome Lains Barn near Wantage, which was perfect for the coconut shy, badminton and everyone that just wanted to chill out in the open space given how great the weather was. Transport was catered for with not one or two, but four classic cars. High points included Grandma being lifted over the narrow gate for the group shots, the return of a game just before the speeches that I’d seen the year before which involves throwing eggs at/to each other and which can get a little messy and a surprise choreographed dance by members of the family including Grandad, which was a complete surprise to Clare & Paul and both hilarious and genius at the same time.

There were just simply too many things about the day to try and list them here and Signals did a stellar job of getting everyone fired up and on the dance floor for the evening.

Thanks to Clare and Paul and all the families involved in your wedding day. I’m a firm believer that its people, not things, that make a wedding day great and you guys are truly awesome. I can’t thank you enough for looking after myself and Antony, you guys are crazy in the best possible way and made us feel like part of the family..
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  • HHAugust 17, 2016 - 7:37 pm

    Fab as ever JD. Bravo xxReplyCancel

  • ElenaAugust 17, 2016 - 8:20 pm

    Absolutely awesome and excellently done! Such a fun & beautiful wedding and loads of great captures.ReplyCancel