Indian Wedding Photography thats more you

Because everyone deserves

Awesome Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding photography, but different.

Looking for a photographer thats an alternative to the traditional?

Well you've come to the right place, with an emphasis on capturing things as they happen, with a good dose of emotion and an extra spoonfull of fun.

From the Mehndi party in the days before, to grandma throwing some shapes on the dancefloor, I'll be in the thick of it and loving every minute..

The Damage

From the Mehndi, to the Milni, to the Mandap… We’ve got it covered

If your wedding is taking place over a number of days, then please get in contact so we can have a chat about what needs covering and additional photographers if you need them. We can then come up with a package that suits you and your wedding perfectly.


If you are having a single day wedding then just head over here and check out my prices page.