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Hi, I'm Johnny and I absolutely love shooting weddings, they're ace. I basically get to hang out with loads of happy people making happy memories almost every weekend. I tend to shoot weddings with a pretty informal approach so if you are camera shy then thats cool, most people are really... A Londoner at heart, I live on the South coast in Devon, just by the Dorset border with my awesome wife and our three Harry Potter obsessed children. But I'm happy to travel pretty much anywhere in the UK, Europe and the rest of Planet Earth to shoot weddings. I love to capture the fun and emotion that weddings are jam packed with, all of those little moments that you miss because you are too busy having a whale of a time. I don't really do formal or stuffy, I want your photos to be a reflection of you and all of the awesomeness that happens on your wedding day. I like to capture the whole story too, so I'll be there from the excited chaos of the morning until everyone is going nuts on the dance floor as well as capturing everything else in-between (like that time Grandad threw some Gangnam shapes - it was amazing...).

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